Pikes Peak America’s Mountain

Colorado postcard

The clock Colorado Springs street detail Colorado Springs street detail Colorado Springs street detail Denver: Loveland ski area
The view from 14,200 feets
Denver: Loveland ski area enver downtown: Larimer and 14th street Denver downtown: Larimer and 14th street Denver downtown passage with ceiling ornaments Denver: 16th Street mall

Pikes Peak

The road map to the Summit - 14,115 feet

▶Pikes Peak is American’s Mountain at 14,115 feet elevation

▶It forms a stunning backdrop for Colorado Springs and Garden of Gods. With such altitude above sea level, it ranks 31st in elevation among Colorado’s 54 ”Fourteeners”.

▶The highest mountain is called Mt. Elbert, which has a height of 14,433 feet

▶The following are 3 ways to reach the Summit:

♦The 19-mile highway takes you to the clouds to explore Colorado’s most famous peak

♦Pikes Peak Cog Railway also takes you to the top, but it runs on the predetermined schedule

♦Hiking Pikes Peak via The Barr Trail can take approximately 8 to 12 hours, which is why only the most stout-hearted tend to attempt this climb.

▶Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain in North America and the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan’s Mount Fuji

▶Perhaps, you cannot get to the mountain during New Years, but people are trying to find a spot and watch the fireworks as they shoot from the peak of the summit.

▶Dennis Wied, a local Colorado Springs man spent his 34th birthday climbing Barr Trail to the summit of Pikes Peak five times on September 8, 1984. Wied left the Manitou Cog Railway platform at 12:01am (6,571 feet in elevation) and finished his efforts at 11:31pm.

The begining of 38-miles Pikes Peak Highway The view of Pikes Peak from the lake Bigfoot statue at the lake Driving through the mountains – almost at the top Driving through the mountains – almost at the top
The quick view on the road behind
The Summit-14114 feet elevation

Rules of the road

▶Do not feed the wildlife

▶Plan on using at least a half tank of fuel. Going and coming back is 38 miles, but using much more gas driving uphill

▶Running your air conditioner while driving uphill may cause your engine to overheat

▶Speed limit is 25 mph unless otherwise posted

▶Do not pass on blind curves or double yellow lines

▶Use a turnout or wide spot to allow others to pass.

▶If traffic behind you grows to more than three vehicles, look for a designated pullout and let the traffic pass

▶Drive down the mountain in low gear or low range to prevent brake failure

▶Breaking continuously may cause your brakes to overheat or fail

▶Drones are prohibited on the Pikes Peak highway corridor.

Pikes Peak Cog Railway at the summit The feeling of a strong wind at the top At one of pullouts - it was scary Red stones Driving back on the steep downhill.