It is important to travel

What motivates people to travel?

The same as for this seagull, many people assume the best place in the world is one they live in. They know everyone and everything so why to go anywhere else? If it happens to be a touristic place, then even better. Others are coming to visit their home town falling in love with it, and supporting their argument that staying at home is the best choice.

The truth is that we all are connected in some way and deep inside each of us, there is a desire to learn about other people, their life, cultures, nature and customs. Today different TV programs or movie theaters are bringing all of that into our world.

Fortunately, there are many others inspired by travel and sharing their great stories. Sometimes they contradict one another, but at the end they all are pointing to a truth of the existence of relationship between destinations and individuals.

Travel is a need to challange imagination with reality and see things how they are.

Keeping your travel motivation moving

Everyone has their own travel plans. When i think about mine, the following are what mostly keep me motivated:

♦ Pleasant experiences from previous trips

♦ Going more places keeps a travel desire growing

♦ Nice to take a break and getaway - just go

♦ Love to travel into unknown lands

♦ Have memories to share with others.

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