Punta de Mita Puerto Vallarta

A few things about me

My name is Darko Curtovic and I enjoy traveling and visiting new places. I used to work 22 years for United Airlines in Houston, which gave me an opportunity to travel as an employee pass rider.

This simply means traveling without confirmed seats or purchased ticket. We call it ”stand by” or ”space available ” travel.

For many people this may sound unrealistic, but it is working just fine - as long as we make flights and reach destinations.

Several years my job was related to the united.com web functionalities, working closely with our development teams. It was a fun job and I decided to learn programing on my own. It’s not as easy as I thought and learning something new is very important to me. So far I enjoy it a lot.

I was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia and came in USA with my family back 1998. Late in 1999 I have started working for Continental Airlines as a reservation agent. Throughout 22 years of experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge about the travel business

This picture was made in Chile during the short 3 days trip. It was only one among many other memorable trips listed under “All my Travel” tab.


Home town: Houston TX