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Day Three: Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas

Blue Lagoon Island is a private island located 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Nassau, and serves as a local tourist attraction.

It offers visitors everything one dreams of when picturing a private tropical island − breathtakingly clear turquoise waters including a hidden lagoon, thousands of native coconut palm trees, pristine white sandy beaches, beautiful natural vegetation, tropical birds and coral reefs teeming with native species of fish.

The image of clear turquoise waters...

This impressive water experience starts on the boat from Margaritaville ferry terminal to the Blue Lagoon island once the ferry gets onto the open waters area.

The water colors are indescribable and no cameras can capture them the way your eyes can see them, ranging from crystal clear turquoise to depths of 100 feets to all imaginable shades of blues: ultramarine, azure, cerulean, royal blue, sea green and even rich purples.

Another magnificant colorful waters picture.

The Bahamas has the clearest waters in the world, with visibility of over 61 meters (200 feet). It has been scientifically proven that a specific alga, which requires light to live, is found deeper in the Bahamas than anywhere else on earth.

The Dolphin Encounters Adventure

The image from the Blue Lagoon Island

In the Dolphin Encounter Program, each guest can expect a unique experience that brings you closer to an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin than you ever dreamed possible!

Honestly, this unplanned and surprising Bahamas trip was amazing and left us speechless. Although we took around a thousand photos, it was very difficult to select the right ones for the presentation on this page.

The most impressive was the water around Bahamas with its fusion of blue colors. The photos are only mirrors and you really need to be there to be a part of that natural miracle.

We stared at that water and, like a sponge, absorbed that beauty somewhere deep in our minds. We're forever able to retrieve those memories in the future.

We hope you enjoy this show of original, unadjusted photos. There was really no need to do anything to make them looking better.