Adriatic sea - sunset

Every country, state or place is different and has it's unique charms. We have seen a large part of the world flying with United Airlines, the company I work for. It’s a great benefit, but it wouldn't be fair not to mention the other half of our benefit program: Four Seasons Hotels, my wife’s employer.

Combining the two, we can cheaply see the world and experience it's luxuries and we are thankful for such privileges. Not much talk is necessary to describe the Four Season hotel franchise. In a few words, it’s one of the most enjoyable hotel experiences one can desire. Every hotel is built to suit the surroundings and reflect the culture of it's location. The guest recognition and service is so highly developed, they treat every guest as part of a big family.

As of now, we have stayed in 50 properties around the world and the slide show below is just a small part of the Four Seasons photo collection. It is our thank you note for the life changing experiences given to us.