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The cover page image of the sea in front of Four Seasons hotel

Bay of Banderas

Bay of Banderas lies on the Pacific coast of Mexico and the Western Sierra Madre Mountains. It is one of the largest and most beautiful tropical bays in the world. Just to mention that every winter, humpback whales arrive at this bay to give birth making an attraction that vacationers never forget.

It’s authentic Mexican flavor blends with the luxurious comforts of the region’s beach hotels, resorts and jaw-dropping villas, leaving a lasting impression for visitors. If you want to be in the heart of that glamour, then Puerta Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Punta Mita have it all.

In this story, our main destination was the amazing Four Seasons hotel in Punta Mita, but we also decided to stay the last night in the nearby Puerto Vallarta to make a full coverage of this trip.

It was just a few hours flight from Houston to Puerto Vallarta and upon landed to the airport, we had prearranged an affordable car rental. We thought it would be cool to drive around, but honestly a taxi or Uber may even be a better choice.

Punta de Mita by Four Seasons

Covering just over 1500 acres, Punta de Mita is a spear−shaped peninsula surrounded on three sides by crystalline waters and nine miles of pristine coastline. Punta Mita is the chosen spot for what promises to become the most privileged residential resort community in Latin America.

The peninsula that is home to the Four Seasons Punta Mita, St. Regis Punta Mita, and 16 sub−communities. Punta Mita is located on the north end of Banderas Bay in the Mexican state of Nayarit, about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Our experience of Punta de Mita starts and ends with Four Seasons hotel as it embraces and celebrate the rich culture of Mexico. Their “mi casa, su casa” attitude allow you to feel the true spirit of Mexican hospitality and as their web page states: “ The charming spirit of the Mexican people results in deeply personal connections. Here, you arrive here as a guest, leave as a friend, and return as family.”

Four Seasons infinity pool

To complete a beach vacation, it is mandatory to enjoy the sunset at least one time. In Punta de Mita, sunsets may be different on a daily basis. In the dry season, the sun looks like a brilliant illuminated ball, but clouds always make it more colorful and desirable. Anyway, you can watch it from the pool with a cocktail in hand or head to a restaurant that’s out on the sand.

Right above Pacific “The Rock” (the middle image) is the most famoust spot for intimate celebrations and uninterrupted sunsets. Please enjoy some of sunset photos from our Punta de Mita album.

The Rock” is the most coveted spot for intimate celebrations. Enjoy uninterrupted sunsets and stunning stargazing.
Sunset images from Four Seasons hotel Sunset images from Four Seasons hotel Sunset images from Four Seasons hotel Sunset images from Four Seasons hotel

Native Huichol Indians believed Punta Mita to be a retreat for spiritual renewal. The name itself originates from the Aztec word “mictlan”, which translates to “gateway to paradise”. Situated high in the Sierra Madre Mountains just west of Punta Mita, the Huichol Indians are a centuries-old tribe and the last remaining links to pre-Columbian times. Local culture is a prized asset at Punta Mita, and even though roughly 20,000 Huichol people remain in the region today, their artwork, history, and philosophy are celebrated throughout the community.

Developed by DINE, one of Mexico’s premier real estate and resort developers, Punta Mita was designed as a complete getaway and has evolved into a perennial pick to relax and unwind for the world’s most affluent individuals.

At the end, here are just a few more images from this world−class private peninsula where dreams of idyllic tropical getaways turn to reality.

The image from our Four Seasons Punta Mita album The image from our Four Seasons Punta Mita album The image from our Four Seasons Punta Mita album The image from our Four Seasons Punta Mita album
The image from our Four Seasons Punta Mita album

Punta de Mita in 2021

These are memories from our second time visit of Four Seasons property in Punta de Mita. This time we have arranged the transportation and had a car waiting for us upon landing. All we needed to do was to relax and enjoy every second of time spent on this beautiful property.

An image from the beach
An image from the beach
An image from the beach

Punta Mita Pacifico Golf Course

The most famous and most fun aspect of the entire course, the “Tail of the Whale” island green. Hole 3b on the Pacifico course is the world’s only natural island green. Meaning they built a green on the middle of a giant rock out in the ocean. It’s just as cool as it sounds and and is only available to play during low tide.

This hole (and course) is located right on the ocean, where waves are crashing up and down the shore. There’s a path you take out to the green during low tide to play it. During high tide, it’s completely covered which is when you really see that this truly is a rocky island out in the ocean.

An image from the beach

And for the end a few more with the best infinity pool!

That was all from Punta de Mita. Thank you for watching!