The sunset on the island Mljet Croatia

The Future is for people who can imagine it, design it and execute it. The imagination starts with an open mind and is followed by design that incorporates all the latest technological achievements. However, the execution is the most complicated part; it requires funds and efficient investment − in other words, rich partners willing to trust and take a risk.

Tower of the Arabs is a luxury hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the third tallest hotel in the world.

Hello, this is Dubai! The place where imagination has no borders, technology is not a problem and money flow is available and waiting to be applied. When all of the above elements are met and the right people are engaged, one is still missing another key element: a site where the execution will take place. Dubai has opened their space to welcome the most experienced world creators of an imaginary future.

The story about our Dubai journey

Living in Houston and looking at the world map, Dubai appears to be really far away. However, the expectations for that trip were more exciting than the 15 hours journey. Besides, choosing to fly on the world class Emirates airline was our first touch with the United Arab Emirates culture. The A380 aircraft and its flight crew were the beginning of the 'biggest & best' experience. The entire atmosphere inside the aircraft, especially the in-flight lighting, was a perfect imitation of sand dune color like a fine sand flowing through the air. It was something different and promising.

The Emirates airline, with it's impressive fleet and route maps, is playing a huge role in the new chapter of Dubai's legacy by making distance a non-excuse for not visiting.

The flight map from Houston to Dubai

Landing at the Dubai airport was the first touch with the country of imagination and wonder. With the facade of a gold and palace, the terminal 3 is not only a state of the art, but a state of the wealth.

You don’t need to fill out any immigration form and you are welcomed by the immigration officers wearing their traditional costumes instead of boring security uniforms. Great surprise!

Dubai is well known for its tall magnificent luxurious high-rise buildings accompanied by the world biggest state of the art shopping malls. But it doesn’t stop there as they are just building the taller than the tallest building and a bigger than the biggest shopping mall. They are all in Dubai and it looks like Dubai has no worldwide competition.

Honestly, is there any way to describe the meanining of “big - bigger - the biggest” in Dubai’s imaginary vision?...

Although it’s hard to take pictures expressing exactly what was seen, please enjoy some of them...

Not a long time ago, it was a place where deserts gently merged with the Arabian Sea under blue skies, year-round sunshine and white sand beaches.

With an extremely warm climate during June to September and cooler weather from October to May, it’s a perfect fit for around 18 million visitors coming from around the world.

Since 1833 the reigning Al Maktoum family have ruled Dubai. Under their wise and progressive leadership, Dubai has prospered and is now the business and tourism hub for the region.

It’s good to be rich and to have money, but not everyone can have that luxury. The new modern part of Dubai is pleasure to see, admire, respect and bow your head to all brilliant creators, but in reality, it’s only affordable to wealthy people.

In this part I want to show you another Dubai − the old Dubai. Historically, Dubai Creek divided the city into two main sections − Deira, the commercial center and Bur Dubai, the historic district.

Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek, very important in Dubai’s history. The creek served as a fishing area, a pearling site and a gateway for traders before oil was discovered. Nowadays, it is a top tourist attraction in Old Dubai.

Here is where you can take an abra, an old wooden boat at Deira old Souk station, to get you to the other side of the Creek to Bur Dubai. It’s an unique experience showing you how people on a daily bases move around with the “public” transportation with no air conditioner or luxury cars.

Furthermore, the Gold Souk is a place with a lot of covered walkways. This traditional Arabian marketplace has over 300 jewelry shops. This is where you can buy jewelry at the cheapest rate and still bargin for a better price and much more...

Also, Al Seef - a living reminder of how the city used to be, with its quiet, laidback ambience, is a sight to see.

All in all, this is where the soul of Dubai still exists and the dividing line where old Dubai meets new Dubai.

Desert - the final adventure for those seeking the unknown....

It certainly needs rain, but it uses all what is has to create amazing beauty and a perfect sense of space we all need in our lives.

What can we lose in the desert? Perhaps our lives, but not likely as the desert calmness and sand with perfectly shaped dunes will wake up all our hidden inner power forcing us to start making sense of what is real and what isn’t.

What do rush hours mean in the desert? The desert is natural with its holiness of silence where you can get aligned with your environment with no judgmental thoughts about all the fake accomplishments in our lives. When we’re out there, we have all we need − ourselves in the kingdom of sand.

What does the on-time arrival mean in the desert under the Arabian sky? The fearful feeling about a time is replaced by a holiness of silence and conversation with ourselves. Something like a mirage and the more you think you’re getting closer, the more you realize you aren’t.

The beauty of the desert is that it hides a well somewhere and it may take us time to find it, but at the end the experience of catharsis makes it worthwhile. I believe that is called an oasis in the desert.

The photoshop of the desert image with camels.

We all see the desert differently. Captured down below are our memories from the short afternoon Dubai desert tour.

Camels waiting for the safari... Taking a photo with camels. A photo from the camel safari.. A photo of the camel safari at the Dubai desert sunset. Another image of the Dubai desert camel safari sunset. Te refreshment spot after the camel ride was finished. Chears with non-alcoholic champagne. Chears with non-alcoholic champagne. Time for supper under Arabian sky - entering the bedouin camp.

We took the Platinum Heritage safari and camel tour as recommended by the hotel. They picked us up at 4:30 pm from the hotel with around 40 minutes drive till the desert. The driver-guide was very knowledgeable about the local culture which was really great. There are several companies organizing this tour for a less money, but this company is providing really the best experience with the choice from their private collection of museum quality, vintage Land Rover vehicles, our Bedouin camp using natural wood and stone, nestled inside the privacy of a Royal desert retreat, Emirati food recipes prepared using traditional methods, demonstrations of heritage entertainment and the exploration and conservation of the natural habitat.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and the real touch with the Emirates desert. The entire service was performed very professionally and most importantly, safe. If Dubai ever gets onto your travel destination list, don’t miss this tour.

A photo from the entrance of bedouin camp. Enjoying the traditionaly cooked lentil soup.. The imitation of the original bedouin life.. Under the tent... Bedouin camp at night... Resting after the dinner and before the folk program started..

At the end, so long Dubai with a few images of Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach

Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach combines beachfront accommodations with sophisticated Arabic luxury, minutes from downtown Dubai.