Lisbon old city square

Portugal and charming Lisbon!

Lisbon is the third most hospitable city in the world

The result of the survey TripAvisor, the largest travel site, confirmed that inhabitants of Lisbon are very obliging and always available to help

Our short visit to Lisbon only confirmed all of the above.

The old tramway

The old tramway

The Lisbon tramway network serves the municipality of Lisbon since 1873.

Eight reasons people love Portugal:

  1. Portugal has the majority of its awe-inspiring coastline and beaches facing west and orienting to the sun sets every day.
  2. Life in Portugal’s major cities has been beautified by historical trams running all over the downtown in the past century
  3. The coffe is good: You’ll never find better value-for-money relation for coffee in Europe
  4. The most fish-friendly places thanks to more than 800 KM of coast, the biggest fishing area in Europe
  5. Cobblestone streets are making you walk in Portugal like walking on art
  6. Wine country: You will love, love Porto
  7. Bright days with impressive lights brings the movie industry to shoot in Lisbon
  8. You will need sunglasses and they are selling them everywhere: on streets, stores, busstops etc.....

This is the cobblestone street....(enlarge the image)

One of the most amazing and unusual landmarks in Lisbon is Portuguese pavement

The Great Lisbon Earthquake and 20-foot tsunami of 1755 took heavy toll on Lisbon killing as many as 50,000 people. The city was virtually rebuilt from scratch

Lisbon was the largest city during the prosperous 18th century, when diamonds and gold from the Portuguese colony in Brazil made many in the country wealthy.

The Lisbon’s "Livraria Simao", one of the smallest bookshops in the world has only 3.8 squared metres.

The Benfica football club is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest number of fans for any one football club.

According to most estimates, Lisbon is around 4 centuries older than Rome.

More pictures from Lisbon

Lisbon Baixa

Famous Rua Augusta at night

Mosaic facade

Lisbon historic district

Lisbon local beach