The sunset on the island Mljet Croatia
Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, Holland

During the 17th century Amsterdam experienced a massive economic boom, which led to the creation of its concentric canal belt. Four massive ditches were dug around the Dam, with each connecting the currents flowing between Amsterdam's main sources of water; the river Ij and Amstel.

Living in Amsterdam houseboats!

A well built houseboat. A nicely decorated houseboat. Another nicely decorated houseboat. A few more houseboats.

By origin houseboats were a way to deal with the Amsterdam housing shortage, however, nowadays they are in high demand.

Some of the houseboats once were cargo vessels and are now converted into houseboats, other boats were built specifically for this purpose.

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Amsterdam was built on long wooden piles that had to be driven into the ground and this is the reason so many buildings lean to one side.

Dutch people are the tallest in Europe and the world's 2nd tallest.