An image from our Anguilla photo album

Anguilla, Caribbean

This trip was special in many ways but in short it was the life celebration as well as 50th Four Season resort we stayed in so far.

We flew from Houston to Miami on Spirit airline and then continued on American airline (American eagle) from Miami to Anguilla. Upon landed, we took a taxi to the Four Seasons resort. That all went very well!

An image from our Anguilla album An image from our Anguilla album An image from our Anguilla album An image from our Anguilla album

About Anguilla

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. It is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, lying east of Puerto Rico and ... the Virgin Islands and directly north of Saint Martin. The territory consists of the main island of Anguilla, approximately 16 miles (26 kilometres) long by 3 miles (5 km) wide at its widest point, together with a number of much smaller islands and cays with no permanent population. The territory’s capital is The Valley. The total land area of the territory is 35 square miles (91 km2), with a population of approximately 15,753 (2021). Anguilla isn’t exactly the most visited, most heard-of Caribbean vacation destination. In fact, some may not be able to locate it on a world map, and some may have never heard of it at all! The native Arawak name for the island was Malliouhana. In reference to the island’s shape, the Italian anguilla, meaning “eel” (in turn, from the Latin diminutive of anguis, “snake”) was used as its name.

An image of Anguila island from the plane

Anguilla is noted for its ecologically important coral reefs and beaches. Apart from the main island of Anguilla itself, the territory includes a number of other smaller islands and cays, mostly tiny and uninhabited: Anguillita. Blowing Rock.

The island of Anguilla is one of the finest in the Caribbean to visit. You’ll find stunning beaches, fantastic cuisine, and an incredible atmosphere here.

From the warm-natured and kind people, to the five-star dining, to the culture and heritage, Anguilla is about more than just beaches. But its beaches are impossible to beat!

The Travel Channel stated that Anguilla is “the best country to find the world’s all-around best beaches.” What’s more, there are at least 33 of them on the island, and all of them have that powder-white sand that you may have thought only existed in magazines. Best of all, they are all public beaches.

Shoal Bay Beach

This pristine beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in Anguilla. It is a two-mile sandy beach, and you can walk from one end to the other. The water is the perfect shade of turquoise-blue, the sand is as soft as a plush pillow, and the waves are calm.... It’s a great place for snorkeling with the whole family. A few beach bars and other establishments dot the coast, so visitors can grab a quick bite to eat or rent snorkeling gear. To many, this beach is the best in Anguilla, and even the entire Caribbean. More is written about Shoal Bay than any other Anguilla beach. Consistently it ranks as one of the top beaches in not only the Caribbean, but the entire world.

An image of small cars for rent MOCKS, in front of Four Seasons hotel

We noticed those small cars - “MOKE” parked in front of the hotel and decided to rent one for a half of day, which should have been enought time to drive around the island. The rental price was kind of hight, but it was promissing a lot of fun. So, here we go - the sky blue one was ours:

....and just like that we were on the road towards Shoal bay. I have never driven on the left side, nor had any experience driving a car with the steering wheel and stick on the right hand side. At the begining it was a challange to switch sides in my mind, but later on it became just normal. Also, a big help was the navigation system on our phones, that was leading us to the right dirrection. Otherwise, it would be hard to figuere out when to turn left or right. Besides, the road conditions are very poor making it even harder to drive...

The image of Shoal beach

Pristine white sandy beach as far as the eye can see, with clear blue water and calm waves. Actually, I don’t belive that camera can record what your eyes and imagination capture, but it’s like never ending turquoise-blue color...

The entrance to the beach is quite modest or more natural. The parking lot is just a medow and there was a person who directed us to lounge chairs and umbrellas for $10 and additional $10 for 2 towels.

An image from Shoal beach
An image from Shoal beach

Island Harbour

Island Harbour is one of Anguilla’s fishing villages. Being completely dedicated to fishing, it is home to generation upon generation of Anguillian fishing families....Anguillians have been fishing for centuries in the brightly painted, simple, handcrafted fishing boats that line the shore of the harbor. It’s hard to believe, but skillful pilots take these little boats out to sea as far as 50 or 60 miles (80 or 100 km). Late afternoon is the best time to see the day’s catch, and there are a couple of good, laid-back beach restaurants here. The people of this island are hardworking and helpful.

The sunset at the beach

Anguilla sunsets are spectacular in their own ways. No one is ever the same. Some are red and other ones pink, purple, orange and sometimes quite neutral. As the best gift in Anguilla are beaches, so the sunset can be observed with the different experience. In our case, we were always back at the hotel at that time, so our sunset memories are reflecting different places of the Four Season property. Enjoy!

An image of the sunset
An image of the sunset

Four Seasons Resort and Residencies in Anguilla

The 181-room, 35-acre Four Seasons overlooks the beaches of Meads Bay and Barnes Bay on Anguilla’s north shore. The property opened in 2010 under the Viceroy brand and was converted to the Four Seasons in 2016.

This Four Seasons resort melds contemporary architecture into Anguilla’s lush landscape. Sitting on the country’s western coast, the property boasts a varied list of recreational amenities along with the two white sand beaches.

An image from Four Seasons hotel
An image from Four Seasons hotel

We recorded many more images of Anguilla, but I am confident that the the above memories represent the best of Anguilla...Thanks for watching!

My wife and I in MOKE car...