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An image of Cancun beach in Zona Hotelera

The Best of Cancún

Cancún Mexico is the ultimate vacation and resort destination whether your idea of a good time is sunbathing, scuba, adventure, ecoparks, nighlife, water sports among many other activities. Cancun is also filled with history and architecture and many other interesting facts.

Cancun’s white sands and turquoise waters have made the once sleepy fishing village a world famous tourist destination.

My wife with the Christmas cap in water

Part 1: Christmas in Cancún before Corona

Certainly, we’ll keep 2019 in our memories as the last year with unrestricted and joyful travel with a lot of adventures. So, let’s first enjoy some of our late year memories from there.

The best time to go to Cancún is between November and April, but if you want a tan during the winter, Cancún is your destination.

The Cancún beaches are only 14 Miles long!

Since the beaches are made with crushed coral, the sand is never hot no matter how high the temperature is!

Also, there is an underwater museum in the ocean to look at while snorkeling.

Cancún has many cenotes, which are waterholes. These waterholes are thousands of feet deep. One of the largest and longest ones in Cancún and in the world is 134 miles long.

With the staff protection, at many resorts you can watch baby turtles go into the sea from your resort beach.

There are more than 4,500 hotels in Cancún, so there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy and get a taste of Cancun.

Image from the beach pool bar

One evening we visited La Isla shopping village, Cancún’s prettiest and best mall. It’s home to the interactive Aquarium, a movie theater, outstanding restaurants, coffee shops, a drug store, upscale boutiques and souvenir shops.

This open air mall has a charming canal running through it. There are quite a few waterfront restaurants, which are wonderful places to sit and watch the sunset.

Image from the La Isla shopping village

La Isla shopping village is the most visited shopping mall in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

This place is very famous for its variety of shops and the multitude of people who visit. Getting to this commercial center lets you know the high quality of famous jewelry stores with extraordinary items including perfumes and cosmetics.

There are other atractions from cinema and Aquarium which offers several entertainments such as swimming with dolphins.

Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village
Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village Image from Cancun, La Isla shopping village
Image Cancun harbor sunset

Part 2: Summer in Cancún during Corona virus

The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Cancun, Mexico draw more than 6 million international tourists in 2019.

This past April, during the height of the lockdown, tourism income brought in only 6.3 percent of what it did a year prior, and reports say close to 90,000 tourism jobs in Cancun were lost.

As soon as Cancún was reopened for US citizens in July 2020, six of us decided to make an amazing unfearful getaway to this paradise.

Our friend Mike in the pool.

Our journey started a little bit differently than previous ones. With masks over noses and mouths we walked down the hallways of ghosted terminals of Houston airport. Although looking scary, we were happy to be together on this trip. So, let’s introduce ourselves:

Adrienne, Jadre, Bernardica, Ima and Mike a man with 3 sun hats! I was making photos, but looking pretty much the same as others on the photo.

Adrienne, Jadre, Bernardica, Ima and Mike

The Houston airport is one of the busiest airports in United States, but that morning, it didn’t look promising. We were proud to be a part of rebuilding of travel during this unpredictable time.

Some travelers were very creative when choosing their masks. Moving around the airport corners we suddenly ran into a few travelers wearing cowboy bandanas, which reminded us to Hollywood stages with actors when filming movies. Instead of Hollywood filming Stage 11 it was actually the gate 11 at Houston airport terminal.

After two hours flight time, Houston was behind us and replaced with the warm sunny day in Cancun. Our shuttle took us to the Iberostar resort hotel where we were welcomed by the staff as usual. However, this time along with welcome greeting, there was a gentle and discrete touch on our left hands. Sudden thermometer beeps made us aware that this was another body temperature check. The first one was hidden at the Cancun airport upon our arrival, but we all were good.

Luckily, that was only one−time temperature check as with all-inclusive package and several open bars, it would be hard to maintain a normal body temperature during the hot Cancún season. Just thinking about someone chasing you with the thermometer, makes you to feel uncomfortable.

Located at just steps from the water and only 15 minutes away from the Cancún International Airport, Iberostar Cancún Star Prestige presents a premium, all-inclusive service to provide an unforgettable experience. Star Prestige is the brand’s exclusive concept aimed to guarantee a unique stay for its most demanding guests. All guests at Iberostar CancĂșn Star Prestige will benefit from a range of offerings, from staying in rooms with the best views, upgraded amenities and having access to reserved areas, such as a private beach club with an open bar, to enjoying exclusive services, including private check−in and the possibility of late check−out.

The hotel’s extensive gastronomy offerings include a new and exclusive buffet and restaurant, serving delicious breakfast and lunch buffets and evening dining, in addition to a new lobby bar and snack bar. With all-inclusive access to Iberostar Cancún, guests can enjoy five restaurants specializing in gourmet international fares, including Mexican, Japanese and French cuisines, among others. Of course that is the description in hotel’s overview, but during this time only two restauants were opened.

There were plenty of evening shows and a lot of entertainment throughout a day. The entertainment stuff did a great job of taking care of all guests.

The of all of us from Iberostar hotel pool, in Cancun

Cancun can be a neverending writing inspiration, but let images do their magical talking!

The image from Iberostar hotel in Cancun - enjoying Mariachi band
The image from Iberostar hotel in Cancun - enjoying Mariachi band

At the end, to all of you Salud from us voyagers! Hoping that you enjoyed this show and Adios from Cancun!.

The image of Cancun beach