The sunset on the island Mljet Croatia
the Image of Fiat topolini

Our memories from Italy

I don’t think there are enough words to really describe Italy. We had an opportunity to travel around the country and visit many places, but it’s hard to make up our mind and chose one that should be the best of the best.

History, art, poetry, music, fashion, food, design, cars, motorcycles, people − all of them are making it so special and loveable. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to live in any place over there. What a culture!

Is it that this natural beauty reflects the life or the life is joyful because of an influence of all that beauty? Not sure, but let’s explore our experiences. We have traveled through Italy from the north to the south including Sicily. In order to make our memories more interesting and realist, those journeys were divided into four sections as seen down below. We hope that you will enjoy watching them.